March 26

Air Conditioning Requires Extra Care During Green Season Aire Acondicionado Tijuana

Air conditioning requires proper maintenance so that it is not easily damaged, especially during the rainy season. Raindrops are often a source of problems with electronic equipment. For example, the air conditioning motor can be damaged due to rainwater entering the air conditioning motor. For this reason, the humid air conditioning temperature during the rainy season should be adjusted as precisely as possible. However, if you cannot repair your air conditioning yourself, you can hire the services of aire acondicionado pros.

The first thing you should do is clean the air filter. It is undeniable that dirty air conditioning filters become a source of accumulation of various types of dirt, such as dust and dirt. Therefore, clean the air conditioner so that the quality of the air produced. Cleaning the air conditioner in the rainy season should be done routinely.

It is undeniable that regular air conditioning service is really needed. The air produced can be dirty if it is not cleaned regularly. Also, cleaning it regularly will make the air conditioner more durable and the air will be fresher and cleaner. Of course it will be good for health. Dirty air is the cause of many types of illness.

Next thing is to clean the air conditioner called an evaporator. It should be known that the evaporator in this air conditioner is a dust prone device. In fact, not only that, it can also be affected by frost that is created when the air conditioning is operated. Viewed from its function, the evaporator is responsible for supplying hot air to the refrigerant.

In addition, the liquid will turn into gas when it finishes passing through the capillary tube. This component is then responsible for exchanging heat. The air in the room will automatically be absorbed by the evaporator and then enter the fins of the pipe. Finally, fresh air will come out. It is very important to clean this component so that there is no accumulation of frost due to air exchange.

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