February 9

Customers Can Feel These Benefits Of Delivery Notes

Actually, this item delivery memorandum is not mandatory in every transaction or delivery of goods. It’s just that its existence is a service provided to customers and is very necessary so that customers will greatly appreciate it. Because there is a memorandum of delivery of goods that can make it easier for customers to check and check whether there are items that are lost or damaged at the time of delivery or even if the sender sends goods that are not ordered exotrac. In addition, the recipient or customer can check the goods delivery note with what ordered. In the meantime, if you also have to deal with a lot of deliveries in your freight yard, we recommend you to use the excellent Yard management system.

For example, if you order ten chairs and on the item delivery note the number of seats sent is 10, but when you check the number of items, one seat is lost or damaged. You can file a complaint with the seller or take action in accordance with the contract or sale and purchase agreement that was made at the beginning.

Aside from that, if the sending company sends a receipt for sending goods via e-mail, the recipient will receive it immediately without waiting for the item to arrive. This can give the recipient an idea of what goods are being sent and how much they are. Do not rule out the possibility that this can also be used by the recipient to prepare the place or location where the goods will be stored.

Even though it is not in the form of e-mail though, a memorandum of delivery of goods can help the recipient to more easily identify goods that arrive so that they can carry out further handling of the goods.

In addition, if your order is not entirely able to be sent or not all are available, with the delivery note of this item you have a picture of your original order that cannot be fulfilled by the company or sender, so you can anticipate faster.

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