March 11

Lifespan Of Ball Screw

When using ball screw in for your system many expect a long lifespan from this particular screw. However, this depends on many factors like the speed, any shock loading, rated loads and the actual loads Superior Ball Screw Repair. When the target life span is defined, you can make some adjustments to the sizing and features of the ball screw to obtain it. If it is broken you could take it to the ball screw repair service because the cost will be lower than replacing it altogether. Many are wondering about the performance possible with the ball screw. For industrial ball screws, the dynamic load ratings generally ranging from 1 to 150kN. However, in practice, operating factors could decrease these loads.

The lifetime and performance of a ball screw affected by the load, speed and duty cycle. Linear speed depends on the angle of the screw that typically around 5 to 40 mm and the rotation speed of the screw. For the lighter loads, it could reach 2m/s of the linear speed. Ideally, all loads should be in-line with the screw, as radial loads are opposed to endurance. This makes the ball screws are highly energy efficient. This particular screw could obtain average system efficiencies of linear motion up until 90%, which exceeds far from screw jacks and linear actuators that respectively reach only 25% to 40%. Other than that, the ball screw is energy efficient because it requires no energy when on standstill, as opposed to the pneumatic and hydraulic systems that need constant pressurization.

Many are still hesitant to use a ball screw and choose to use a lead screw instead even though there are differences between those two. The biggest difference between these screws is how they carry the load. The ball screw minimizes friction by using the recirculating ball bearing to reach maximum efficiency. On the other hand, the lead screw count on the low coefficients of friction between sliding coverings contributing them incapable to reach the equivalent level of efficiency as ball screws. The application requires higher performance and precision like CNC machining center, you need to use a ball screw. While lead screw is often used in OEM application, for example, drilling machines.

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