April 8

There Are Many Differences Between Longboards And Cruiser Skateboards

Longboard skateboards look very large when compared to cruisers. It was designed to move quickly downhill. In fact, Longboard can allow one to reach very high speeds downward proving to be an effective mode of transportation. While the width of the Longboard wooden deck is the same as the cruiser (8 inches), the length of the Longboard makes it look very different. Longboards are available in many different lengths, and all of them are over 32 inches long. While 40-44 inch longboards are common, it’s not uncommon to find 60 and even 90-inch longboards. Longboard wheels are heavier and have a diameter of more than 58mm, in some cases even reaching 90mm. Additionally, if you actually want to buy a longboard for your child, we suggest you buy a mini longboard summit board.

On the other hand, the cruiser is a type of skateboard that is also called a shortboard, maybe to honor the already popular Longboard skateboard. The cruiser design is such that it is most suitable for traveling across flat terrain. However, people who are experts in skateboarding move easily using cruisers across light slopes and hilly terrain too. Many adventurous students use cruisers as their mode of transportation as they glide on these roller skates and reach college in a short period of time. The reason why students like cruisers are because their compact size allows them to put them in their backpacks. The width of the cruiser is around 8 inches while it is no more than 32 inches. Cruiser trucks are made of titanium or aluminum, to keep the overall weight of the cruiser low. The diameter of the cruiser wheel is also small, no more than 58mm.

What is the difference between a Cruiser and a Longboard?

– Both of them are actually skateboards.

– A longboard is longer than Cruiser.

– Longboards are designed for movement down slopes and hilly terrain, while Cruisers are ideal for moving across flat terrain.

– Wheels of longboards are heavier than cruisers.

– Longboard wheels are made of stainless steel, while Cruiser wheels are made of aluminum or titanium, to keep the overall weight low.

– Students use the Cruiser as a mode of transportation if they live in flat terrain.

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