February 11

What is Baby Bouncer?

The baby bouncer’s working principle mimics the conditions in your uterus, where the fetus seems to be swung and shaken constantly. That is why, when the baby is born, he likes to be held or hugged while swinging lightly. Baby bouncers can be a tool, for example when a baby cries and wants to be swung, while you cannot fulfill that desire (either because you are tired, doing other work, and so on). You can get it by visitng the best toddler chairs website.

However, there are quite a lot of incidents of a baby being injured while in a baby bouncer, such as a baby falling from a baby bouncer or even rolling with his baby bouncer. Usually, this is due to a lack of parental or carer supervision when the baby is in the baby bouncer. They already feel the baby will be safe in the baby bouncer, so they feel confident to leave the baby by doing other things.

As with other baby equipment, there are a number of safety requirements that must be met by baby bouncers. And you cannot ignore these requirements. Do not just be tempted to cheap prices. Here are some requirements that must be met:

Choose a baby bouncer with sturdy and stable support. You can check it by placing it on the floor. Make sure the baby bouncer does not shift easily when set to shake or vibrate mode.

A good baby bouncer must have a wider base than the top. Instead, choose a baby bouncer with a base covered with rubber so it does not slip easily.

You must pay attention not to have a small gap in the baby bouncer that can make a baby’s fingers pinched.

There must be three key points on the baby bouncer that serves to prevent the baby from falling, namely two at the waist and one at the bottom (between the groin). Some baby bouncers even have five key points, including the shoulder.

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