March 12

Wireless Technolgy In Daily Activities

Wireless technology is one of the technologies that are famous for the variety of greatness that makes us fascinated by this technology. Brightstar Corporation intends to be the biggest provider in this industry. Wireless technology that we are more familiar with without wireless or wireless networks has a myriad of greatness that facilitates your performance and activities. Both in the office, in the cafe, when playing online games and in places that use a computer network to support all its activities.

Here are some of the greatness of a wireless technology that is popular today. Usage is more flexible because it is not limited by a binding cable, but is only limited to the distance from one wifi transmitter location. The distance at the wifi point can reach a radius of thirty meters or the equivalent of 100 feet. This network can make hardware devices interconnected with each other by facilitating the bridge or commonly called a bridge. So that the range can be extended and spread at several points in one room to unite a LAN network (Local Area Network). The coverage area is more flexible because this technology is not limited to distribution networks such as technology that uses cables. By using this wireless technology it saves you more in installing and expanding the network. This network is designed with a network that is fast and easy to use. Easy to move around as needed. Various files and data can be moved easily without using cable media. Cheap and easy maintenance costs. Very easy to set and set up.

That is the variety of greatness offered by one of the technologies that are very popular and well-known in the community, especially in office places, internet cafes, or places that use computer networks as supporting facilities for existing activities. Hopefully, this article is useful for you to know the technological developments that facilitate all your activities. But every greatness must have shortcomings. It would be better if you also pay attention to deficiencies in this wireless technology as your reference material.

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